Tuesday, January 27, 2009

hello monday

Monday at work is always a state of confusion at best.On that day I know I will be coming into what ever was not done throughout the weekend and true to form yesterday was one of those days.Unfortunately for me I feel over burdened before my day even starts,spending an hour just trying to straighten out what was placed in front of me from report that could have been called or faxed on the weekend with messages left now becomes my problem.
To start with Monday was freezing cold,the heat was off in the house and the furnace needed to be reset,then it was in the single digits out side so the car was still not all that warm when i got to work,the problems from the weekend to handle and low and behold the state walked in,not for their survey for other issues, but when they come in you have to go into survey mode,phone calls from pharmacy's,lab reports, family members, sick patients needs to be met,unhappiness with staff and some where in there some pill passing and treatments and maybe lunch.
4pm. out of work and off to get take out for supper while waiting I got hear about staffing problems in the restaurant.home again...home again...all right.
My husband went to his meeting at the church and I planned to watch tv.when suddenly my son said the toilet wont flush and plunging is not helping,It Always seems vic is not around when these things happen,water all over the floor and a lousy plunger after 1/2 hour no luck.out to wal marts for a better plunger,towels all over the floor another hour of plunging still no luck.
Thank God Vic is home with an unhappy look on his face in 15 minutes the toilet is flushing again,he explained to me the importance of plunging upward not just downward.
So today i wash and bleach not only the towels but also the bathroom , I guess I have my day planned.maybe tomorrow I will look forward to being back at work...I doubt it...


Laura said...

Sounds like you need a prayer. I recall a while ago a plumber told me that during the cold spells, he get a lot of calls do to stoppage and over-flowing toilets. His advise to us was several things, one: do not put tissue paper in the toilet, as he's noticed the oils harded and plug up otherwise healthy flows. We had a problem, because my son flushed a baby wipe down or several. I said you never put those in the toilet. But he does at home. It proves a point. When it is real cold, and if we've had a problem, we buy the thin paper, or set aside in a plastic bag for the trash. Vic is right about the pulling up. We use to have one in our house which my husband used to call whole roll.

linda said...

thanks for the advice,i can't wait til spring this is just crazy the cold we've been having.i never want to live in alaska