Saturday, January 10, 2009

Frozen New England

Welcome to frosty New England.The other day while scrapping the ice off my cars' windshield and trying to warm it up,just a little,I thought "did I wake up not here in Conn. but maybe Alaska because this is just plain silliness." Enough with the winter wonderland and guess what more snow is predicted for this afternoon.
Well all i can say is God certainly has a sense of humor but i guess since He did go through all the trouble of making this frosty,cold,white season we should at least give him a moment of thanks because like all things I'm sure he has his reasons and they are not for us to question,I'll try to remember that next time I'm scraping or shoveling.
The other day while cleaning my closet I found a thistle bird feeder that got bought on sale and stored away for just such a winters day as this. Today I plan on going to Wal Marts and picking up some bird food for my cold feathered friends and putting up this new feeder and refilling the old ones.
These little fellows do help make the winter months more enjoyable for me.This morning while laying in bed reading I could hear several of them chirping in the branches of the giant frozen apple tree by our bed room window.they sounded so happy like the snow and the cold did not seem to bother them at all,they seem to take one day at a time and sing happily no matter what mother nature throws at them.
How lucky we are to have such merry little creatures to remind us to not worry of tomorrows weather and still sing gratefully to our Lord taking one day at a time and giving him praises for not only the warm months of our lives but the cold ones as well.


Laura said...

I spent lots of time pounding the pavement, to give it a new meaning, to no avail. Believe me, it had been interesting. But like you, I'm not going to focus on the big picture, but looking around we can always find something to be thankful for. Those poor little creatures, where are they hiding? They know its coming. Nature is so beatiful. I saw two dogs in the wood of my yard, trying to run on the ice. It made me laugh. They must have some kind of whatever on their feet to be able to run at all. It was a hugh black and a tan dog. Obviously enjoying the day. That's what we all have to do. Rmember the song from Scrooge? "Happiness is whatever you want it to be." Your somewhat responsible for it.Laura PS The spring birds love thistle. Winter birds love suet and peanut butter.

linda said...

we have all kinds of different feeders in our yard with winter feed ,suet and now thistle. sometime i even buy some frozen blueberries and put some of them out.
today when i went by webster lake there must have been 20 ice sail boats they were so neat to watch sliding accross the lake,man those things can move,it made me wish i had one how liberating it must feel to let the wind take your boat and glide over the ice.