Wednesday, January 7, 2009

abotion rally

Recently I was asked about attending an abortion rally to be held in Washington d.c.
Its always good to see democracy at its best.They tell me there will be a large crowd and many religions will be in attendance.
Back in the 90's the catholic church I attended had several woman and the priest who were very anti abortion,most of his sermons were about how bad abortions were and how every one needed to rally behind him against abotrian clinics.
Although I feel abortions are wrong and I would neither have one nor would I encourage any one else to follow through with such a plan,I also understand that not every one believes as I do and unfortunately will probably follow through if they have their mind set on it.
Since the 90's I have had a bad taste related to the tactics used to try to convince woman not to have abortions there is something not right about shooting receptionist,nurses and doctors who worked at these clinics.If your a true christian nothing in my mind justifies blowing clinics up.
I know allot of men,especially those with prominence and money who are totally against abortions I do so wish these same men would push for boys and men to be more responsible and step up and be a father.We need men telling other men its time to pay if you choose to play.
To insist that people remain abstinent rather then use some form of birth control is also a hard one to wrap my mind around.In a perfect world all people would have children only when they wanted them unfortunately in the real world allot of women who find out they are pregnant also find out they have very little mental, financial or spiritual support.It all becomes her problem and she is forced to deal with it sometime alone.
I feel those who are against abortion, and i am one,need to also be in favor of talking about how we can assist these women and men need to step up to the plate and talk to boys and men about their responsibility in this child's life.Because this is a child and it does deserve to have a life.Hillary Clinton's book title states "it take a village to raise a child" now is the time for the village to step forward and in case you didn't know that would be you and me.

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Laura said...

In the village I'm in there are three options. 1. Provide all for unmarried mothers, free everything including, top notch housing and education 2. Birth control, information and free medical assistance.
But where in this village does any of that deal with the real problem, moral decay? I don't think sex education is to be taught solely in schools, it should begin elsewhere, like in one's home. Called Values. However, in this village cultures are not the same. I am not favor of abortion, and have risked my life having children. (And have change other's lives by talking them out of it. I gladly stand up for the unborn and will join in the abortion rally for life. Because I believe in the sanctity of life, (all life has meaning and value). Besides, a bigger authority answers the questions you raised by saying: "Thou shall not kill." Looking to the word take responsibility is the key. Killing ourselves off, is not. Our laws should reflect human rights.