Sunday, January 25, 2009

church meeting

Today we had our church council meeting,always a pleasant and scary thing at best.
We,like most churches, have divisions in our people,although we love and want our church to survive we have different opinions on how we need to approach things.
We have the people who fear change,the people who want change and those that are stuck in the middle unsure of what change we need and how far we need to go with it.
Our church needs to be a living breathing entity which extents it self to others in the community,it needs to move forward with the times and be all encompassing greeting not only those who are of this faith and nationality but also those who are not.
We held our meeting in the church to remind us why we are here and who is present with us at all time.Fr.Peter did an excellent job on restraint and for the most part the majority of us understood that orthodoxy is a faith not a nationality.
This is all very difficult for the people who fear change,being a convert allows me to understand that change requires courage and this is not always easy for those who are feeling change being thrust upon them,wheather real or imagined.
Old age and old ideas do not allow for freedom it clips your wings when you fear the lose of earthly things like wealth and stability but God does not want us to worry about these things,it does no good to hold tight to security when there are only a handful of people left to uphold your church.God wants us all to take the leap of faith because he holds us in the palm of his hands and to not trust him is to feel we are in control,we are not you know, only God is in control and to think other wise is to lack humility and faith.
We,like the birds of the field, need to spread our wings and let God be the wind beneath us and I think we will be amazed at how much support we have and how high we can soar.

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