Thursday, January 15, 2009

my favorite mug

My days off usually consist of trying to do everything that I miss being able to do on days I work things like banking,shopping,appointments and various things around the house.
On those mornings I read my bible,pray then go have breakfast trying,when time permits,to make these leisurely moments unrushed.
Several mornings ago as I was getting ready to eat breakfast I went to the cupboard and was happy to see my favorite mug waiting for me.As I drank my coffee I began to think about this mug and why it seemed so favored by me.Its not much of a mug,as mugs go,it is sort of bell shaped and tall with 3 snowmen painted on the front,the back ground is white with blue here and there.
It came into my life 3 years ago as a Christmas gift from a friend, filled with chocolate and since then has become my warm comfy friend.
Now I probably have at least 15 coffee cups and mugs most of which hold no particular appeal to me except for being a drinking vessel and each waits its turn to be picked when my favorite is not yet been cleaned.
As the day went on I began to think about many of the things I own and how every category holds certain things that are my favorite things like ear rings,necklaces, sweaters,slacks,shoes and on and on.Why if i own so many things do i favor so few of them? why do i continue to own things that just sit and wait and very rarely get worn or used? could someone else use these things that i so infrequently wear or use?maybe these things could become another persons favorite instead of just taking up place in my cupboards,draws and closets.
We are all guilty of thinking that owning allot of stuff adds to our wealth and security.Do we really need all we have? Do they add to our lives? in the end one must ask do we really posses these things or do they posses us?

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Laura said...

Linda, sometimes its funny how much we think alike. Just yesterday I said the same thing about my coffee mug. One I wouldn't have bought but got at a church yard sale. Call it silly but different items bring back special occassions and that's why I have them around. Mostly things people gave me. Some other things people enjoyed when they were alive,that I don't even like. I hope I don't think like this in the springtime, it might be because we are more enclosed in the winter?