Wednesday, January 28, 2009

nickle and dimed to death

Yesterday while watching a Conn. news channel it was decided by our governor that the time has come for our state to start putting dime deposits on all soda,water and juice cans and bottles.This is a good thing right? we'll I thought so because i can not tell you how many times while walking i have come across empty water bottles laying on the side of the road and thought "why don't we recycle those?" but it seems the state is not as green as I am. Believe it or not my state has other motives,did you know that every time you buy a bottle or can and pay your deposit if you do not return your purchase the state gets that money? So now instead of getting nickles they can now get dimes.
Our governor also has decided it is time for us to start paying a nickle a bag for plastic bags from not only grocery stores but also retail stores.Why are they concerned about being enviromentally green? no the nickles will be sent to the state.I guess they feel trying to push for a tax hike would be turned down but nickle and diming us to death is alright.
This is not just a Conn.idea it seems our brother to the north,Mass.has also decided this is a great idea and they also want to raise the gas kind of them while were all struggling to get by, talk about kicking us when were down.
Now I'm all for doing what we can to help keep our environment clean but I am not in favor of them slipping these nickle and dime fees on us especially since no one up on the hill ever says "hey lets stop spending so much money,lets cut back just like our residents are being forced to do after all they are losing their jobs and homes".
Conn and Mass are spendaholic states, they are very business unfriendly and now they are trying to pull fast ones over on their residents so they can keep on spending.
I say stop the insanity and stop the spending do what every one else is doing and cut out the fat.We have all had to cut back in order to stay afloat why not the government.Are they better then us? do they deserve to live at a higher standard while walking all over us? There is a reason why so many people are moving out of our states to cheaper states if you have no home and no job you really have no reason for you or your family to stay around.we are not horses so stop saddling us with all these burdens, live at the standards of your people or get out of office and get a real job,oh yeah i forgot we have none of those.


Laura said...

no! not horses, jackassssses, apathetic ones.We let them kick us around and do nothing about it. We should protest by leaving the products on the shelf. Another tea party.

linda said...

here,here thats what sam adams would have done,after all he was the one who helped dumped the tea in the harbor.linda