Sunday, January 4, 2009


I'm not a person to make new years resolutions but what i try to do is think about what I would like to accomplish through out the year like save a certain amount of money,pay off a debit,eat better,its my long range approach.This works better for me then picking one thing and trying to do it right away,it gives me the time to plan and figure out how i will accomplish what i want to do.It's much less stressful and usually by the end of the year i have accomplished most of what i planned on doing.
Resolutions are nice but you have to be honest with your self i know i can not give up sweets but if i set up a plan to try to eat less, smaller portions,handle cravings,what to do when feeling deprived all seems easier with an outline in my mind.
Today while reading John's blogg(a simple man) he mentioned the fact that most people do not resolve to be more spiritual.I never thought about it but he is right I have never heard any one say they want to resolve to be closer to God,attend church more often,spend more time in prayer.
Being more spiritual and religous takes planning too,you have to do a little at a time.Say a simple prayer like "thank you" each morning or evening can be a good way to start, build up your time a little every now and then,you'd be surprised how much you can accomplish.
To beging vow to go to church once a month then increase your attendence has your faith increases.It takes time but you do have 365 days ahead of you.Why not volunteer an hour or two out of your year to a fund raiser for your church? Maybe when you see how simple and rewarding it is has the year goes on you will be volunteering for something else.
Start small and grow big,step by step,day by day you will increase slowly.Its alright God can wait he has all eternity on his side but what do you have on your side?


Walt Trachim said...

I don't ever make resolutions either, but I believe I have the same outlook as you: I try to figure out what I want to accomplish and make every effort to do that.

Some years have been more difficult to achieve the things I've wanted to, but even in the face of adversity we just need to remember that we're only given a day at a time. If we can accomplish something or at least make progress towards reaching our goals then I believe we've done something.

Laura said...

For starters, if your thinking about it, maybe there's a reason for it. So just do it one baby step at a time.

linda said...

i feel if i've picked several different resolutions and can only carry one out then i've done well.even half a resolution kept shows me it can be accomplished and gives me the chance to evaluate why i didn't finish it. maybe i can make the correction and next time it can be done.