Thursday, January 29, 2009

Being A Witness

While at work yesterday, around 2:30 pm, I was down the hall finishing up my afternoon med pass,this is wind down time in our work day,the three aides were talking to me about how some aides they work with are more involved in getting the job done rather then spending time with the patients and interacting,I said "you can't make people care either you do or you don't."
We talked about how what you do in life comes back to you.I said "what goes around comes around and if you are a religious person this is Gods work and this is why you were put on this earth to make a difference",then I said "if you are not religious then its Karma to do good brings good."It's funny one of the girls said "Amen sister you tell it." Being first a catholic and now an orthodox person I am not used to being "Amened" and was not sure what to say.One of the other aides asked me if I was religious? I said "yes iam, in my own mind I can not see how you can be a medical person and not not see the reality of a higher being."
This reminded me of Sunday at our church council meeting a parishioner stood up and felt that many of us may not understand the true meaning of our heritage and nationality that many of the founders of the church who have now passed on may be rolling over in their grave because of our questionable new ideas.At this point another church member said his father would be more concerned about seeing the orthodox faith be saved that the faith was more then the nationality and his father would want them to do what was needed to save the faith.
Its funny you never know when you'll be asked to witness but its nice know that if the time comes you can step forward and say "yes I do believe in God and I do believe in his plans" we live in a world that does not wish to hear these things in public,some may be offended by what we say but God promises us the holy spirit to give us the words we need at the time we need it.We don't have to preach but we do need to say what we believe and if others choose not to hear us thats alright.


Laura said...

When my sons were younger and living at home. They used say Ma you should have been a priest. Right! I wouldn't have even made a good nun. I say now, I'll pray for you. And I move on. It's not up to me. Or is it a little?

linda said...

it is and its up to all of us