Monday, January 19, 2009

snow day

Yesterday was to be our parish council meeting but due to snow...(oh what a surprise)we did not have it,church was canceled.I guess God needed another weekend to prepare himself for one of our yearly meetings,in the past they have not all been pretty and thank God those were the meetings i missed due to my job.
Anyways yesterday we all spent the day,on and off,shoveling and I can honestly say the only one who really enjoyed the snow was our dog Christi.She is a snow bunny and loves to jump and bounce through the yard as we lift our shovel fulls of snow and toss them to the side of the driveway she jumps into the snow piles and pushes them back into the driveway for us to re shovel.
She loves to stick her face in the snow then look up at you and shake her head,life for her is good.Having her around makes the shoveling fun and gives me some exercise as i toss her ball down the street and throw shovel fulls of snow on top of her.
When i was a child i loved building snowmen,throwing snowballs and building snow forts.having her around reminds me of that fun.I grew up with dogs,we always had at least one around.I remember them running trying to pull our gloves off as we went sliding down the hill in our yard.
How man and dog became linked to each other many generations ago is uncertain to me but i do know we can learn allot from our pets they have the right idea about what is really important,if you loose your enjoyment to live what is the purpose of being here, life would become a drudgery with nothing positive to make us happy.

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Laura said...

Sounds like you had fun. Like everything else in life, it's all what you make it. Great post.