Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Well its that time of year again.what time of year you ask? Tax time!!!
Today I decided to spend my afternoon doing my sons' taxes,he files a 1040ez,so lets call this my warm up to doing my own.Unfortunately as i have gotten older my tax forms have become more complicated.
Personally I think we should go over to a flat tax if you make so much money a year then you pay a percentage and call it quites.I know people who try to claim everything it just seems all so silly to me because lets face it the only ones who can really hide what they make are the people who have a great deal of money,good lawyers and own corporations.
This February seems to be the month of the politicians who forgot to pay their taxes,it amazes me how people who are lawyers and politicians can not figure out how to pay their taxes,seems like they get very fuzzy and confused when you put numbers in front of them,hmmm,you know that explains alot.
Leona Helmsly said "only the little people pay taxes" you know back then that helped get her thrown into jail.Now days you can get appointed to a cabinet position,even head of the IRS,by just saying "I had no idea I owed that" and "I wouldn't have paid it if I wasn't getting a cabinet position"...Excuse me... how bold.
In California their residents are getting ious for their state tax rebates maybe they should send the IRS their iou rebate checks to pay their federal taxes and see how well that flys,they can always say its their new states currency.You know I'd laugh but I'm afraid at this rate my own state is going to think this is a pretty good idea,luckily for me I work in Mass. my income gets paid to them, Now why does that not make me feel any better? Oh I know because Mass.is over a billion dollars in debt and trying to find things to cut back on.I guess I'd better file fast so my check can be in the mail,not my iou...Wow,now I think i'm starting to feel fuzzy and confused.

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Laura said...

How could you be so hard on them for not paying their taxes, as all they made a mistake. Aren't we all entitled to make mistakes. Give me a break. The rubber band is stretching, and it is going to snap and soon.