Thursday, February 24, 2011

Love Your Brother/Love Your Self

What is the real meaning of Jesus teachings?
Believe it or not all God desires from us is one little word "LOVE".
Seems simple doesn't it?
Not so,love has to be one of the hardest things we can do.
In our minds,love of self always seems to take over any desire we may have to love others.
Call it self preservation or maybe an underlying need for our own glorification,but loving others just seems,at times, to get in the way of our need to be number one,on our love scale.
Now when the Bible speaks of love it defines it has agape,or brotherly love.
It means not going out of my way to hurt others,but wanting to respect and be kind when possible,a sort of do no harm law.
We are basically carnal in nature wanting for lustful things like money,power,fame or the physical bodies of others.
Our interpretation of the word love in our society is rather loose at best.
We love cars,boats,food,clothes,jewelry and so on,we can even love a hamburger,just ask McDonald's,because there "lovin it",at least according to their advertisements.
Jesus talks about loving our neighbors has your self.
But in order to love in this way you have to,first of all,love or at least like your self.
You can't treat someone well when you don't even understand how to treat your self with respect.
I firmly believe that God wants good for his children all the time.
The problem is we do not want good for ourselves,so how can we possibly want good for the rest of the world.
I have heard that what comes out of a person mouth is what is in their hearts.
So if you say bad things about,not only your neighbor,but also your self,then you are not right with God in his understanding of real love.
The evil one,in my own opinion,is always setting up road blocks for our failures.
When we dislike our selves we are not in God territory, but the other guys.
When you say things like I'm not good enough,everyone hates me,I could never do this or that because I'm not smart enough shows us exactly where our minds and hearts lie.
This sort of attitude can only bring condemnation to not only us but those around us.
If we see ourselves has not worthy then how can we see those around us has any better.
Believe it or not thought patterns can be changed.
How? by self determination and new habits.
When negative thoughts come to mind we must stop them in there tracks and say to our selves "I am a child of God and he wants only the best for me and I want only what he wants.God loves me,I am valuable because he made me who I am and he is my loving parent."
Say this when ever negative thoughts come to mind and after awhile you will believe what you are saying.
Has always some time spent in informal prayer everyday can also help.
I have found that in my walk with Christ if I want an answer its always better to get right to the point and say what you have to say.
Sometimes I think God doesn't like it when we beat around the bush,if its in you heart let it come out your mouth in prayer and the answers will be right in front of you.
Of course the answer may not be what we want to hear but then God sees the whole picture we do not.

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