Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Questionable Car Bomb In L.A.

Seems this morning L.A. is now getting a taste of what we in New England have faced since the day after Sept.11Th and that is the fear and threat of a questionable car bomb.
I think the reason why these south western states have not felt the true depth of our discomfort is because they are miles removed from us,on the north eastern coast, feeling we are over reacting in our fears and trepidations.
You know many states,who do not edge our northern boarders,have forgotten exactly what happened on Sept.11Th and that we are still at war.
We have forgotten our home fronts and are becoming complacent in that we are not involved in places like New York and their ever daily vigilance for safety.
We need to understand that we are a "United States" and as such we are our brothers keepers.
What effects one state effects all states be it terror threats,criminal activity,disasters,illegal immigration and much more.
This does not mean that we as states are not individuals but it does mean what happens in one state ripple down to the rest of us.
I don't feel that places like California can truly appreciate the fear that was and still is in the hearts of people who live in Mass,Conn,Rhode Island,New York and especially New Jersey.
To the western states it did not effect them the way it effected the rest of us.
To this day I can still remember the utter silence in the sky on the eve of Sept.11 and the fear that struck me personally when I heard a jet fly over our house.
Those fears of being bombed still hide in our hearts when ever New York deals with car bomb issues,even to this day.
Complacency is a cancer and we must ever be vigilant to not allow it to spread.
We can not live in fear but we also can not live in a never never land of unpreparedness.
All I can say to the rest of our country is don't get to comfortable because what touches us here in the north will eventually touch you in the west and south,if not sooner well maybe later..

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