Monday, February 7, 2011


While at a restaurant with friends,yesterday afternoon,we got on the subject of gifts,not presents but God given gifts.
My friend is very into reading and understanding end times,she feels gifted because she is allowed to see what she feels is end time signals and is very comfortable with these upcoming events.
I,on the other hand,feel God did not ask my opinion when he made the world and in the same respect,he is not really interested in my feelings about when,or how, the world will come to an end.
Don't get me wrong we are just gifted in different areas of our lives.
What gives her understanding,enlightenment and comfort does not,in my case,give me the same effect.
I feel my job on this planet is to help others and if the end is near then I need to work harder to accomplish my mission before God turns out the lights and calls it a day.
In the Bible St.Paul talks about the importance of understanding our gifts and using them.
We are all blessed differently and what we are good at is what God expects us to use.
That's why when we are doing the things we are blessed to do,we are successful.
Every talent we have is really an extension of God's hand and we are not owners of these gifts but rather, borrowers.
So our real purpose on this earth is to figure out what we are spiritually asked to do and join up with others,who are given blessings in different areas,allowing us to unite with each other.
Some of us are starters,some planners,other followers and still more enders.
Everything that begins will in time also end.
To every season there is a purpose under heaven.
So with all the strange and scary things going on in the world around us,we need to remember we do not stand alone.
United as a Christian family,the time has come to bring forth our talents to support and up hold each other,even if the times of tribulation may be near at hand.
We are promised by Jesus himself to "fear not for I am with you til the end of times".
So although the daily work sits in our hands,the future sits in his.

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