Saturday, February 12, 2011

How Much Is To Much ?

Every February I begin to think about what to get or do for my husband's birthday,which,by the way, falls on March first and like Christmas,the date always seems to creep up on me like some great surprise.
Last night I went on line to see what was going on for concerts and plays.
As you can imagine not much is happening during this time of year,oh man same problem,different year.
While checking out the upcoming concerts I came across Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks.
I thought this was not a bad idea,I'm a Rod Stewart fan and Vic likes Fleet
Wood Mac,so this might work.
As I checked out the dates and locations,I also noticed the prices.
$135 to $175 dollars per seat.What! Alright now much as I like Rod I refuse to assist with his multiple wives child support and alimony.
How much is to much?
We are at present in a bad economy and even if we were not,I still would not consider paying this amount of money to any musician,who has been famous for over thirty years.
I think,just like sporting events,there comes a time when we the hard working consumers have to just say "no".
I know a great concert or wonderful professional sporting event is hard to turn down but sometimes we just need to draw the line and say "I think this is to big of a burden to ask of your fans".
I do understand all that goes into these events and how everyone is very talented and deserves to make good money,but at what expense?
To say these people do not work hard for their money is an under statement,but then again so do the rest of us and besides whose to say they are anymore talented at their jobs then I am at mine.
I just can't justify $135 for one ticket to a concert and that does not include the gas to get there,stopping to eat something and possibly buying a beverage and/or snack,once there.
Nothing at these events are a deal tee shirts and Cd's are over priced along with concession food and drinks.
I think if more people refused to attend these events,related to the cost of the tickets alone,maybe they would be forced to understand we are not made of money and since we need to be frugal maybe they do too.
I have a hard time justifying any one,except maybe a talented surgeon or physician making a million or more dollars a year.
So with another few more weeks up my sleeve,my search continues for a fun birthday present that wont break the bank or set my retirement back til I'm seventy.

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