Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Closer Walk

For the past 6 years I have tried to become a more spiritual and serious minded Christian.
What this means is I try to practice more time in prayer,bible reading,studies, meditation and church attendance when possible.
You can not be close to God if you stay far away from him and his teachings.
Change has to occur in your life,even if its just small amounts at a time.
When you choose to become serious in your walk with God it requires you to listen and pay attention in order to truly follow Jesus teachings.
If no man is an island then no true Christian is one either.
As I have tried to journey ever closer to God I have found myself trying to understand Jesus on a more personal level.
For many months now it has become my aim to study the basics of Jewish beliefs,I want to know and understand what Jesus daily life was like,what he understood and why.
Up until now I have not been able to understand my drive for this knowledge but I think it has been made clear to me that like a close relationship the more you know and understand the other person the closer you become to them.
When my husband and I were first dating I wanted to know everything I could about him,where he went to school,what his family life was like,his likes and dislikes.
Because he was someone so special and I loved him so much any thing in his past was all relevant to my life.
It gave me the ability to brag about him,defend him,please him and in the end just grow so much closer to him.
The Bible says that when we marry the two shall become as one.
In our walk with God we also need to become one with him in our understanding and love.
The more we learn and understand the closer we can become,helping us to become more one with God and his will for us and our lives.

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