Friday, February 18, 2011

Luke Warm Christians/Facing The Rite

Are you a luke warm Christian?
If push came to shovel would you be able to stand up to the devil and scream with your mouth, mind,heart and soul in his very face that you believe in Jesus Christ and nothing and no one is more powerful then God,not even the devil and his legions?
Does this seem like a strange question?
Tonight a friend and I went to see the movie "The Rite" a true story about a luke warm novice who becomes an exorcist with the help of a trained priest.
This movie was very compelling indeed.
We in the Orthodox Church,as with most churches today,do not like to talk about the evil one but,as this movie points out,just because you don't speak the name of Satan does not mean he is not there.
Actually he preferes it when you don't notice his presence,evil takes root better when not spoken about.
Some churches feel he is an old subject used to scare people into submission and nothing for us true intellectuals to concern our selves with.
Really,well that's what the devil hoped you would say.
You see this evil being is not concerned about you belief systems because he knows that very few of us really have the heart to believe in God so much that we will ever truly be willing to take a stand with our entire being.
The devil knows that we are weak and to keep us down he plays on our guiltes and doubts.
Trying to make you believe your not good enough,strong enough or capable enough.
We seem to have come to a point,through our great intellect of believing demonic possession,is just some silly idea held over from the dark ages.Lets face it its always much easier to say someone may have "psychological issues",rather then realize not all mental issues are made up,some of our demons are real.
The evil one wants you to hate yourself as he says in the movie "Satan love to torture children".
How easy it is for us to be deceived and how little effort he has to put into it to make us doubt,question and blame our selves.
Can you stand up in times of fear and questioning or will you be pushed to physical or emotional self destruction.
Being a Christian requires warfare on our part.
We can not live with one foot in heaven and one in hell at some point we need to stand firm one way or the other.
I have come to the conclusion that if we are to fight the good fight we need to know who our enemy is and what his tactical ploys are.
To take on an unknown force is to ultimately lose the battle and maybe even the war.
Temptation and guilt are such sutle things ever infecting our minds and corrupting our souls.
So quietly,ever so slowly,one drop at a time until suddenly we can't distinguish what our belief systems are any longer,everything in our thought processes just seem to blur together .
We need to talk more about evil and the devil,understand who he and his legions are and how best to fight them.
No devil works alone,usually they work in multiples.
If you want to change it you need to name it,bring it to the light,but then again "he" wishes you would not get so involved with such things as titles,because lets face it,whats in a name anyways?

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