Tuesday, February 8, 2011

HIPAA--Who Has Privacy Anyways?

In 2003,when I was in nursing school,the Hipaa laws were enacted.
Hipaa was set up for medical privacy so no one but whom you choose is allowed to be privy to any of your medical information.
I can remember my pediatric rotation,one of my jobs was to assist parents with signing these new forms explaining exactly how Hipaa works.
Well like all good things the government enacts,the fact that it all melts down and turns into a troubling pain in the butt is just inevitable.
My son spent 9 years in the military,ending up in Iraq for one of those years and now that he is a civilian,takes advantage of his military medical availability and testing when ever the government allows.
This morning the VA called to remind him of an up coming medical test and the preparation needed before said test.
My husband answered the phone and said "no he's at school right now but if you want to leave a message or number you can."
Before I knew it my husband,in frustration handed me the phone and walked away.
With hands full of suds,from my dishes,I grudgingly answered the phone and heard the lady on the other end say,"But I need to know your name and who you are before I leave a message or number."
I spoke with this woman who wanted to know who I was and how I was related before she would leave me any information.
Once she knew who I was she began to tell me about his test and prep needed for this medical test.
I stopped her and said "look just tell me your number,the time your office is opened and when he can call you back and he will."
I don't know about you but it amazes me how we can not be told basic information to leave a simple message but the government knows more about our information,which they gladly share with other agencies,then they will share with family.
True Hipaa in principle is a good thing but I'm tired of having to be put through the mill on basic family information while the rest of the world,total strangers are privy to more information about my husband or child then I am.
With this whole new government health care coming down the pike I fore see lots more interference in my life then ever before.
When you allow the government to be you provider you play by their rules and all privacy is off bounds.
Today I heard how the First Lady wants restaurants to cut back on the amount of food they serve us in restaurants,well there you go a mother state enacted by a government who feels they own you dietary issues.
Where does Hipaa fit in here? Am I also not entitled to the right of what I eat in my restaurant as a private act
I'm personally tired of having doctors push test on me,hospitals repeatedly calling me about doing said test,so I don't forget to show up and the pharmacy calling me to find out why my medication is not running has quickly as they deem necessary.
Where I work I deal with doctors giving me orders for medications that the pharmacy says they can not fill because the government says "no we don't pay for that we pay for this."
Funny I thought my doctor went to school to be wise enough to decide what he feels is in my best interest not the government.
I don't know about you but I spent the first 18 years of my life waiting until I was old enough to run my own life,now it seems like I have new parents telling me what to do.
Oh freedom where are you?

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