Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Works And Actions

The one thing I have learned about being a Christian is that if you do it properly you are required to be an action person.
According to the Bible words alone do not make you a follower of Jesus Christ,actions do.
These actions are not just helping those in need they are also taking the steps God ask even when they don't seem to make a whole lot of sense at the time.
Sometimes we are asked to do things just to prove to the Almighty himself,that we will do what ever we are being asked,just because we are asked.
This is called obedience and if you want God to give you a bigger chunk of his trust you must first prove you are trust worthy,even to the smallest details.
When Abraham was told to sacrifice his son,he did not know why,but followed through and gained not only his son but the entire trust of God and all that accompanied it,both earthly and spiritually.
What exactly is action?
Being able to stand up and say what you need to say to others out of faith,to do what you need to do even when you go against what every one feels is right and going it alone when every one walks away from you shaking their heads,because they no longer understand your destination.
Being a Christian means the closer you get to God the father away you go from the world.
A desire to step away from materialism,to help those who are cast away by society and feeling so deeply for another's pain that you not only understand it,you experience it both emotionally and physically.
We have a saying where I work,when we meet a staff member we have not see for awhile,we say "hey my brother from another mother,how are you?"
Today those words came true,when one of our residents lost her loving devoted child.
As we talked about how tragic this was,I said we are now her family and need to treat her like she is one of us.
Although we are here from different earthly parents,we spiritually all have the same father,so now we are required to carry her burden and lighten her load.
And in my mind that is what being a child of God is all about,putting our faith into action.
According to the Bible even the demons tremble at the name of God but faith with out action is incomplete.
You can not be religious through words alone,but by your actions will you be whole and complete.
That is what is required by you,if you choose to be a Christian.

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