Thursday, February 10, 2011

Positive Or Negative

There are two ways to look at things positive or negative.
If you believe things will turn out well then no issue you are having,no matter how bad,can not be overcome.
It always seems that being sad and disillusioned is easier then being happy.
Could it be that thinking negative thoughts make us feel nothing worse can happen? Or maybe we need to have imagination in order to see the positive and when were sad that simply seems like to much work?
To bad because when we see the positive we understand that the sky can be the limit.
No darkness,no matter how black can not be brightened by a single candle flame.
I really see no point in dwelling on all the bleakness when there is always a possibility for brightness.
Today after so much cold whiteness it became my vision to see spring.
I took my two small stuffed snowmen off the table,near the parlor window and replaced them with a wooden bird house and two ceramic birds,then covered all the table tops with flower and leave printed fabrics.
It is time to absorb the beauty of the outdoor sunshine and see past what is left of the less then white colored snow.
Yes there may still be ice in the driveway but there is flowers and green grass in my heart.
Spring will be here with the excitement of new life,showing its head soon.
Tulips,wrens,grass,sunshine and all things warm and wonderful,will be here soon.
How can you not feel it in the air,see it in the sky or know it in your heart of hearts.
I know what I know,what I know and that is we are at the top of the winter peak and its down hill from here into the warm sunshine.
Count the winter days down and soon we will feel the grass between our toes.
Think negative and be depressed and dreary or think positive and see the potential in front of your eyes every day.
Soon to be reality,soon to be spring.

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anty1 said...

My dad always used to say when someone asked him about his day, he would say this is a great day! You know when you get up in the morning you can decide to make a good day or a bad day. I choose to make it a good day! Now that's a positive point of view.