Tuesday, February 22, 2011

God's Presence

I believe that all prayers are answered,some answers are yes and some are no.
That's alright with me because like a good parent,God gives us what we need not what we desire.
Prayer can seem very repetitive some days,even a little dry on others,but persistence needs to be the goal and at some point our conversations with God can be enlightening to say the least.
Talking to God should be as natural has talking to a well respected and loved family member and friend,but many times the conversation gets one sided,with us saying everything and God not getting a word in edge wise.
I have times,when not so rushed,that I pause during prayer to await God's ever small voice,but because of my racing internalism I can not settle long enough to hear what the Master is trying to say to me.
Even still I believe God talks to me in other forms like when a friend speaks to me about something I was pondering over earlier in my day or I see something that touches my heart or possibly my soul.
Just the other morning I felt in doubt and confusion about where my religious life was headed.Was I on the right track with the right people around me to help me,or am I simply alone and just plain stuck.
Now this is not uncommon for me to doubt and question such things,I tend to do it often especially this time of year.
After praying for some time I felt a great white light engulf me from the top of my head to my eyes.A brightness,that even with my eyes closed,made me squint inside.
The shades in my bedroom,rolled down tight,allowing little light to enter through the bottom.
After coming out of my feelings of wonder and gratitude,I went down stairs to see what sort of weather we were having and as I opened the front door a small chubby little bird landed on the rail near me.
To me these are were all signs from God letting me know that I am in his presence.
Although my confusion still exist I understand that I am never alone and all my problems are heard.
Sometimes God is not a small voice he can also be light,breeze,water,animals and maybe flowers.
He is ever present always near but in touching beautiful visions of daily life.
We get so hurried in our day to day existence filled with worry and self centeredness we forget that God speaks to us always and is around us everywhere.
Our job in the end is to open our eyes and not only see the loveliness around us but become a part of it and feel it,admire it and enjoy it.
God wants us to live in joy and joy is not just one simple feeling it is an entire body experience.
Understand that God is everywhere not just in our prayers and mindset but in the world around us all day long.
Our job is to stop and recognise him,then we will see our issues are not so big after all.

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Mike said...

this post clarifies some of the misconceptions that i have of my conversations with Christ. he gives us what we need, not what we desire. that's something that boggles my mind. im a freshman in college, and what i really need by the end of this semester, is a 3.4 grade point average. i need this grade point average because i need to transfer into a better college/uni. would all this be considered desires? would it be true that as us humans, we do not know what we need? if so, how can we find happiness within our service towards God?