Friday, February 26, 2010

Grocery Shopping

The cardinal rule when grocery shopping is 1)never go on an empty stomach.The rule when food shopping during fasting is to defer to rule number one.
Today was shopping day and since I am working this weekend it seemed like a good day,even with the snow flying outside,to accomplice this mission.
While near the front entrance of the store a lady stopped me with a small child in a carry all on her back and said "excuse me I know this is an odd thing to ask but can you fix my little boys' hood,he took it off and my arms aren't long enough to reach him".I smiled adjusted his hood and thought how cute is he.
upon entering the store and getting my coupons together I looked up to see a rather large police officer with a rather big black German Shepard coming toward me.The dog took a sniff of me,the officer smiled and they both walked outside.I thought thank goodness he's on a leash because this puppy could do some serious damage if either of those two were to get upset.
Standing near the vegetables I heard an angry man calling one of the store clerks over,he kept yelling "Manager,Manager come here!"The clerk walked over only to be berated by a man who obviously had psychiatric issues.The man then stormed out of the store much to the relief of the near by shoppers.
Now came my serious shopping everything looked so good and all the no-nos on my do not eat related to fasting list seemed to be jumping out into my face.Meat,milk,ice cream and on and on.
My stomach began to rumble and my will power was running short.Oh God yogurt the good Greek kind at which point I picked up 4 soy yogurts and reassured my self that when Lent was done I could have all the dairy I wanted.
The last time I spoke with my spiritual advisor he suggested that I try and figure out exactly why I'm craving things when my will power is weakening.So being a good student I ask this exact question and the answer I got was "because your hungry!" No second thoughts about that answer.
After loading my bags into the car I decided the best place to eat would be a Chinese restaurant with a buffet.This ended up being a wise choice and since its Friday they had lots of shrimp and scallops laid out not to mention vegetables, rice and fruit.
While sitting here typing my tale it seems I was so preoccupied in the store thinking about the dos and do nots that I totally forgot about the lady with the child,the police officer with the dog and the man with the clerk.I guess my stomach won out over all these odd occurrences which never even crossed my mind until now.

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