Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm Sorry,So Sorry

I spent most of yesterday trying to avoid this whole Tiger Woods apology.It seems no matter where I went it was on a T.V. somewhere and there was no escaping this issue all day long.
In my mind whats between Tiger and his wife and family is just that between them.
I really don't care how many women he slept with and who he should or should not be saying he's sorry to.
This is a man who was groomed to be the perfect person with the perfect home life,which none of us could have lived up to so the fall was especially hard on all those who bought into the fairy tale which was to be his life.
You know most people do not understand that just saying I'm sorry,even to the world on the air waves means nothing with out the follow through of not doing it again and making amends.
This is what confession is all about its not just saying your sorry to God but then trying to change because you understand that what you did was wrong and has consequences to yourself and those around you.
If you just say I'm sorry but make no corrections you really have learned nothing from the situation and are doomed to repeat it.
I have to give the man credit for being open but hopefully he is doing this not because he wants to be famous again,and this news apology will make it all right, but because he is truly sorry to his family and spouse.Maybe this is his opportunity to embrace his Buddhist religion and try again.
We all get to the point in our lives where we're heading for a train wreak and most of us have to hit the wall before we understand what we are doing is going to kill us physically,mentally and or spiritually.
When we are out of control so are the lives of others around us.We may think that we're only hurting ourselves through our thoughtless pleasure seeking but we are hurting our family and friends.They see what we are doing and can do nothing to help us but watch until we,hopefully,wake up.
There is nothing wrong with making mistakes,we are human,but its correcting those mistakes that take the fore front.Words mean nothing,actions mean everything.
If we do not respect our selves how can we expect others to respect us.
Sometimes the best thing we can do is realize that we are not always in control of our selves and that's where God comes in.We need to see that without his love and guidance we are nothing but urges,thoughts,desires and feelings.
True religious love means to love our neighbors and do good.When it becomes all about us we lose sight of the fact that we are no longer concerned about the people around us and their lives we are now self centered and definitely unchristian.
So for Tigers sake I hope he has found his train wreak point and will now put into action what he professed in words becoming a better Buddhist person to himself and those around him.

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