Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Tuesday morning I awoke,rolled over in bed and looked at my alarm clock.9:50 am!
How could this be? Is my clock broken? I could not even remember the last time I slept this late.Suddenly it all come back to me.
The day before,Monday morning I called my friend Laura to join me for breakfast and a little girl talk.
So after picking her up,running some errands then finally getting to the restaurant. We sat down and did what girls do best,talked about our families and friends.
For some reason our conversation turned to oil and water paintings.
I told her how Putnam Ct.was becoming very artsy and hanging around this small Main Street town was becoming fun.
With this in mind,we decided to head to Putnam to walk the small stores and admire the view.
We parked by the train station and headed to "The Victoria Cafe" so I could show her my dream coffee house.Inside its multi levels where arm chairs,old fashioned Victorian sofas and three electrical fireplaces.
Then came its eye catching large wooden coffee bar with mouth watering pastries under glass covers.Now that's a coffee cafe.
As we walked out the door the wind began to pick up,So we decided to head to the corner antique store,which I knew Laura would appreciate as much as I.
Inside we walked passed the first floor went straight up the stairs to the second floor for an antiquers dream.
Here in front of us stood two floors jammed pack with antiques... everywhere...
You name it and chances are you would see it. Everything from paintimgs to Victrolas,furniture to a wooden bathtub.
As we admired the photographs lining the stairwell one picture in particular stood out.It was of a young girl, during the 1900's, with a new hat near a mirror.The caption read "A picture of a girl with a new hat".
My how times have changed! Imagine having a picture taken after buying a new hat.How special this hat must have been to her.You knew from this picture that this hat would last a lifetime.Not something to be thrown in a closet and forgotten about but truly lovingly taken care of.Probably put in a special hat box to be worn with a pretty hat pin.Imagine her pride wearing her pretty bustled dress showing it off at all her special functions maybe even wearing it to church on Sundays for all to view and admire.
After what seemed like an hour we decided it was time for lunch and much to our surprise the clock on the wall read 3:45 pm,we had not been there for one hour but for almost three hours.
Funny how the best days are the ones you don't plan but the ones you allow yourself to be absorbed by.

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