Thursday, February 4, 2010

Adult Education

Tonight in Adult education class at St. Micheal we learned about the standings of the church on issues like homosexuality,transsexuals and sex changes.
Now we all know where the Orthodox and most other churches stand on these subject.Basically "just say no".
OK. now that's how the church it self feels but we as Christians are called to love and understand our neighbors.As Fr. Peter always says "we are not here to judge and we need to hate the sin not the sinner".
We live in a fallen world and as such we are all fallen in our own way.With that said we can not denounce our brothers and sisters and not look at our own sins.
True our church gives us leadership and if this was a perfect world we would not face these sorts of issues but not being a perfect person myself I can not expect anyone else to be perfect.
When you choose to join a religon it is understood that it comes with rules,regulations and guidelines.These things help us to try and put our best selves forward.Showing the world that being a christian means something.Its not just a word its a lifestyle.
Now some of us have less trouble with certain rules then others but in the end we are to strive to make our corrections in our lives and try as hard as we can to get back on the right path.
Father says "if we come to confession and do not really believe what we are confessing or do not feel sorry for what we did then we have just wasted our time".
So what do we do? We do the best we can. We love our neighbor,be understanding to each other and realize we are all human and will fall down repeatedly.The important part is are we willing to get up and try again.

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