Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Having Children Late In Life

This morning I heard of a study which shows autism is greater in parents past the age of 35 then in younger parents.This study says it is not just the mothers age but also the fathers age,though to a lesser extent, which helps to increase the incidence of autism,not that younger parents do not have this same problem.
Back before women had jobs and careers outside the home,Most woman married at a much younger age and since the point in marriages during say my mothers time was to procreate they had most of their children by their mid to late 30's.
With my generation came the pill,women's movement and emphasis on jobs and careers more then family life,many women chose to have their children later in life and opted for no more then two since we were also concerned about over population and the destruction of our resources.
Women at this time were told we could have it all and be good at it.A very large promise if you ask me.
Now my son generation,who are now in their thirties, were the result of my generation.With our need for it all they in turn are no longer opting for one child. Many are having three or more children but still at later ages and with the help of fertility drugs,borrowed sperm,eggs and surrogate mothers.
When ever we come up with the abilities to change Mother Nature we come up with issues.Things like fertility shots to increase egg production all have a price as we grow older.
God made our bodies to produce eggs and sperm at a certain age,there is a reason for us to have children in our twenties rather then our forties.
The marvels of medicine and the abilities of our doctors is nothing less then inspiring.With that said though not all things are meant for all people at every age group.
Just because we have the technology to have a child at say age 50 or 60 should we be doing this.With the averages of our children health being stacked against us every year we age,should some form of common sense be encouraged.
My grandmother had ten children her ninth child was mentally disabled with the abilities of a four year old.Although she was greatly loved by our family she also out lived both her parents,all her siblings and spent her last years living with my cousin.Luckily my Aunt came from a large family which could accommodate her through out her life.Back when she was born there was no place to send your disabled children to be educated or cared for in a proper,loving manner.
Every pregnancy involves risk.We are not guaranteed children with out problems nor should we be since all our children teach us and help us grow and appreciate the world around,like a special flower in a beautiful garden.
My mother was 38 years old when my sister was born.She weighed 2 pound 5 ounces and was born 4 months to Early.My sister spent months in the hospital in an incubator and due to the lights and oxygen has always had very poor eyesight.My mother almost hemorrhaged to death and needed several blood transfusions to keep her alive.
After my sister was born my parents decided it was time to stop having children.My father said "when the life of your spouse or child is at stake due to your age it is time to stop and be grateful for what you have not what you want."
He should know because his sister was mentally challenged and he understood the great measures his own patent's had to take to raise this special women.
I am a firm believer in common sense and just because you desire something does not always mean it is in the best interest of you or future generations.

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