Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Constant State of Motion

Have you ever had one of those weeks were it seems like you are not in control of your life but your life is in control of you?
In the past five days I have worked four days and gotten out late each day,attended a coffee house at our church,went to a wake for a friends grandmother followed by a meal,attended a nurses meeting,shoveled snow,grocery shopped,did dishes and laundry and tonight will be attending a Lenten Service.
Now in between all this I have missed out on things I should be doing related to pure exhaustion.
During Lent I have been trying to work on my fasting with so so results,my evening meditations and readings with little results and on attending Fr. Peter's Chapel Service at the museum with no results.
I know that the best way to run ones life is to organize but I must say this is not always possible when time and demands on you are not on your side.
I understand that all things need to be scheduled especially time with God and when you miss once then it becomes harder and harder to get it together again and follow the narrow path and let me tell you the path can seem pretty narrow at times.
It upsets me when the time I plan to be with God is interrupted by daily demands and when I pray while laying in bed I realize I have fallen asleep.I'm sure that gives God that warm fuzzy feeling.Kind of like the three apostles in the garden falling asleep on Jesus after he asked them to stay awake and pray.Kind of disappointing I guess,the spirit is willing but the body is weak.
When I was at work Monday I did not leave until almost 5:30 pm.One of the second shift nurses said "I know your a workaholic but go home all ready!"
I am the type of person who has to see everything through and get it done right the first time.I have never considered my self a workaholic and at times think myself to be a bit lazy.
I guess my birth sign the centaur fits me being half man and half horse but between you and me I've always considered my self more of a Thoroughbred then a plow mule.
In France they have a draught horse called the "Comtois" funny that's my maiden name,well maybe there is something to be said for this hard working low to the ground plow animal.Lets face it its hard to walk away from your family name.

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