Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Gate Are Closing

Here is a Jewish prayer said in an evening service,on the day of Atonement. It focuses on the theme of gates and how fleeting is are life like the closing of the Temple gates.Time is running out for each of us...

Awesome God, let us live; forgive.
The gates are closing.

Our merits few, we look to you.
The gates are closing

Save us from foes; your power just, in you we trust.
The gates are closing.

Our ancestors great, our merits few, our lives renew.
The gates are closing.

In spite of sin, again help us begin.
The gates are closing.

Your flock embrace, with love and grace.
The gates are closing.

In great compassion, forgiveness fashion.
The gates are closing.

Let joy, not strife, embrace our life.
The gates are closing.

Redemption bring, that we may sing,
though the gates are closing...

Later on in the service this is said:

Open for us the gates, even as they are closing.
The day is waning, the sun is low.
The hour is late, a year has slipped away.
Let us enter the gates at last.
Lord, have compassion. Pardon,forgive,take pity.
Grant us atonement. Help us to conquer our iniquity and sin.

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