Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Victor

March first was my husbands birthday and being his 65Th he decided to call the Social Security office about his now being eligible to take from the system after all those years of giving to said system.
Well the Social Security Office of Willimantic Conn.being a true government branch, was to busy to take his call and asked him to call back at a more convenient time.. for them..All be it not much of a birthday gift from them,if I do say so myself.
Not being one to just give up in the face of adversity I encouraged him to take the modern route and fill out his form on the Internet.
After many attempts and little patience on his part,the deed was done and he is now part of the retirement crowd and entitled to full benefits,if he so desires them.
After printing up his forms and being told to check back in 5 working days,(Now lets see how many days is it for government workers? And is it their working days or the rest of the working worlds days?)He will see,come April, if he will be gaining monthly income.
Being his birthday it was decided that spending the day at the book store was his choice of activities to which I whole heartily agreed.Its always nice to sit around drinking over priced coffee reading a book you have really no intention of buying.Being Monday it was pretty "deadsville",for you young ins that's an old "hippie" saying.
Once back at home it was almost 6pm so left overs and any thing else that required little preparation,was on the birthday menu.
For his gift I gave him a DVD he has been talking about since January,its called "Office Space".A movie he could relate to being that Vic was an Electrical Engineer and worked for a government contracted company,this movie is right up his alley.
After opening it he wanted me to come watch it with him and although a mountain of dishes sat before me,I figured what the heck its his birthday and he's really excited about this movie,the dishes can just sit and wait,its not like their going any where and no dish fairy will do them during the movie,I'm sure.
So the evening ended nicely and he seems to have had a good day.His sister called to wish him Happy birthday,To which being true to form a real mans man said,oh by the way your is in February right? He then thanked her immensely for her kindness.
Aah those baby brothers they can get away with murder can't they?
Now little does he know its not over yet because a surprise party awaits him on March 6. Will he be happy or upset? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.."The Rest Of The Story"...(an old radio program by,I think,Steve Harvey,even I remember this one).


Laura said...

A belated birthday wish for Vic. Usually when men see the cars in the parking lot, they get it... and there goes the surprise.

linda said...

thats ok if it makes it that long its long enough,because theres no backing out once your there.