Sunday, February 21, 2010

Crosses and Symbols

Most Christians,believers and followers of Jesus Christ,feel the need to wear a cross usually around their necks.
Many people have different taste when it comes to crosses and if you go to the EWTN web site and look through their on line catalog you will be amazed by the number of choices before you.Celtic,orthodox and Franciscan,traditional and modern gold,silver or wood.Some with Jesus on the cross some with out.
If you ask most people why they wear a cross they will probably say its a way of outwardly signifying their belief in Jesus to show to the world who they are and what they believe.
In the Jewish tradition tassels are worn on the four corners of a males garments on these tassels are threads of blue and white.Each strands number and color stands for different things in the Jewish faith.
The regulations of these tassels were handed down to Moses from God and they are usually worn close to the skin.Since most modern Jewish men do not wear four cornered Garments through out their day they wear a kind of tee-shirt with these tassels sewn on under their clothes.These tassels can be hanging out at the bottom of their shirts or tucked into their slacks.
Why do people wear such things as crosses and tassels?Is it just to proclaim that they are of a certain religion an out ward show to others?
Well I guess that's one reason but do you know that when you wear such things you are expected to act in certain ways? You are no longer allowed to treat people in a cruel fashion when your wearing a cross.This outward sign of faith is also suppose to be a reminder to us that we are called to a higher position that we are servants of God and as such have certain rules of conduct to follow other wise wearing a cross or tassels is a misrepresentation of our beliefs and an insult to God.
Most priest wear white collars with their black or grey shirts.These collars are not just around their necks so people can identify them as religious leaders they are also a symbol of being a slave to God and not to ones own free will.Like a slave you were bought at a price by Jesus death and you have chosen a life where he will be your master.
Symbols like crosses,tassels and collars are there to remind us who we are.If we say we are followers of certain things then we are no longer allowed to act in ways that are contrary to what our symbols tell the world.
Being a nurse I can tell you most people like it when I dress in white for some reason it seems more professional in their minds and white is a symbol in the medical profession that you are clean and there to help.White says you are a comfort in times of pain.
The cap I received when I graduated nursing school is the symbol of a maid or servent,since this is what women wore back in the 1800's when they took care of the sick and dying in hospitals and wards.You were and still are considered a servant to any one in need and you do everything that is needed to aid in another persons comfort to the best of your scope of knowledge and practice.
We all must be very careful what we choose to wear because if your not willing to walk the walk and talk the talk then you have to reconsider why you are wearing what you are wearing.
Once you put a cross around your neck much is expected from you but how much are you willing to give for that symbol? Are you willing to take on the role of being a Christian or just wear the symbol?

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