Friday, February 5, 2010


We live in a world where tears are not encouraged.We are taught to get over our grief and move on.We have gotten so uneasy with the sight of someone crying we do not know what to do when we see tears and in some ways consider it a possible character weakness.
Back in the 1980's women would say "I want a sensitive man one who is not afraid to cry".I do not think this rings true today.
In the religious world tears are considered a good thing we can be said to have "the gift of tears".Some people during prayer,liturgy or meditations can begin to weep tears.They just roll down their faces or well up in their eyes.
It is such an important act that it is mentioned in the New Testament Twice that Jesus cried.First when his friend Lazarus died and next when he entered into Jerusalem and knew they were doomed.
Tears are a way of bringing what can not be said to light.It offers us as a real person and shows our true emotions.Nothing can speak louder then the silence of tears.
Jesus said when I make you well I will take your heart of stone and give you a heart of feeling.This does not mean just happy feelings it means deep soul searching emotional feelings.
Now being born not only a female but a French female tends to make my heart feel for many in very deep ways.I have days where I can actually say I feel the pain of others,I can feel many crying out in the world and this pain is settled in my heart.
Prayer usually helps me to diminish these feelings and sometimes meditation and tears help me feel what it is to have empathy with others.And although this can be a very draining experience it allows me to feel as if God has just shared with me a small piece of his all encompassing love for all of us.
We all have different gifts and as such God expects us to use them.I know that we all would like the gift of making money,But what is money? Its only paper,tears,on the other hand,are a part of our heart and soul and these are real and worth much more.

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