Friday, February 19, 2010

Elton Says "Jesus is Gay"

Today while listening to TV.I heard that Elton John made a statement that he felt Jesus was a compassionate super intelligent gay man who forgave even on the cross..
I have to tell you I've thought about Jesus in many different ways.The good Shepard,a Jewish Rabi and the son of God but I must admit that I have never though of Jesus as a gay man.
I suppose Elton John feels that Jesus needs to fill his life in some way and that being Gay himself,he feels closer to God by thinking Jesus is gay.Sounds sacrilegious to me but then who am I to judge his beliefs even if I feel they are wrong.
I have been told that Christians are to love each other and we are all mothers,brothers,sisters and fathers to each other.I think Jesus was talking about the human race as loving one another in a non sexual love which means both men and women should be looked at not as sexual beings but as family members.
It's good to hear someone in the public eye say something good about Jesus and religion but this does stretch the imagination a bit far.
Back in the 1980's I can remember watching a movie about two priest,one older and one younger.In the movie the younger priest makes the remark that Jesus was gay because in the bible at the last supper St.John lays his head on Jesus chest and is called "the one Jesus loved."
Any thing can be taken out of context especially the bible.Interpretations can be conformed to fit any situation a person wants it to.Its done all the time,that's why its important to have a good religious father or minister to help you understand the real meaning of what your reading,anything less is an affront against God.
My priest always says that what is contained in the bible are all the things that are important for us to know anything else is not for us to worry about because if it was it would have been added.
I think Elton needs to take the time to find a good church and sit down with a minister or priest and discuss the bible it may be a good way for him to understand and start out on a religious search of understanding Jesus and God.Some times religious curiosity has to start somewhere and maybe this is his starting point to greater knowledge.

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