Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Father

Four years ago my father passed away on Valentines morning and even still I have mixed feeling about this day,I have happiness for it yet also feel very sad at the same time.
From the time I can remember I was my fathers tag along.For the first nine years of my life everywhere he went I was with him.From the connivance store,to the barber shop and even the town dump.
My father loved the outdoors he could sit in the yard drinking his coffee and smoking his cigarettes for hours.He was a hands on kind of guy and could work on anything,figure it out then fix it.Even if it meant Jimmy Rigging it.In the end it always seemed to work like new.
When I was young going places with my father was like an adventure and sometimes on our Sunday rides,after church and lunch,it was.See neither of my parents had a very good sense of direction and getting lost was a great possibility,you never knew where you would end up or what time you would get home.My father would pull out of the driveway and my little sister would say "daddy are we lost yet?" Out of the mouths of babes
My father would take me fishing,boating,ice skating and sledding.
Together we cut down cut down small trees,mowed grass,raked and jumped in leaf piles(he did most of the raking and I must of the jumping.)
I watched him donate his time to friends and work on things in their homes then turn around and say "you don't own me anything" or "pay me when you can".
I learned from my father that men are important people and I could be friends with them and love them in different ways.Giving me another view of the world.
When I was in High School I had many male friends and now in my life as a nurse I am able to lead and direct men in the correct ways to do things and not feel intimidated by them.I can honestly say I understand where they are coming from and even when I have to disagree with them on issues,I always try to respect their positions.
Because of my fathers' love and friendship I can say my husband is my best friend and together we are good co workers on most projects and issues.
My father taught me what a husband should be to a wife and that we all need to give and take.Its not always going to be your way but if you love someone you can work it out to a compromise for both sides.
My father taught me to respect and love others and that nothing is more important then family. thanks dad for what you gave in character and love that has helped me to be who I am today.

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