Sunday, March 22, 2009

spiritual mood

Doesn't it just make you crazy when you're in a spiritual mood, seeing good things you have to carry out and the people around you just don't see the obvious they see the worldly?
What do i mean by this you may ask? Take for example the first year I attended the 12 gospels service, which is done during holy week.Before the service started I had the older gentlemen,who was the door greeter at the time, come to me and ask me if I wanted to buy one of the 12 candles being used in the service for Saturday evening vigil for Easter.I was shocked all I could think of was "didn't Jesus flip the tables in the temple just for this reason". This did not sit well with me after all those years of being a catholic I could not understand first some one was talking to me at the start of a service and second why was he was trying to sell me candles for... now?...
Recently my friend Laura and I went to St.Anne shrine, in Sturbridge, mass.We got to talking about faith and she made a very important point to me.She explained that as we grow in faith we deal with people who still need to grow to the point were at and we should be patient until they catch up.We may have a foot worth of faith while others have an inch and because of that we need to show by example and help them like an older sibling helps a younger one.
Granted sometimes this can be very annoying and its difficult to understand what is in their minds when our own minds are set on something more spiritual and higher.The Bible points out that as we grow in faith we become more and more removed from earthly things and grow closer to Godly things.We begin to see by faith.
To those much is given much is expected and that does not just mean money it also means patience,talent,understanding and teachings.
We have to remember some people are not as spiritual as we are but then again we are not as spiritual as others are and I'm sure we annoy the heck out of them .

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Laura said...

Yes, and I know one of them.