Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I am

It always amazes me how you can read something from the Bible and all of a sudden,like a lightening bolt out of the blue it just hits you and it all becomes so clear.
That happened to me this morning while reading John 9:5 which says "As long as I am in the world,I am the light of the world." Suddenly I remembered Moses when he was talking to the burning bush and said "Who shall I say sent me?" and God said "tell them I am sent you" Then I remembered reading a passage earlier John 8:58 which said "Most assuredly I say to you before Abraham was I am".Suddenly the whole term "I am" made sense to me. Jesus was not talking about just himself he was talking also about God "I am" was the two of them before Jesus came to earth he was in heaven with his father and was part of "I am" God is part of Jesus on earth and is part of "I am".
Its funny how those things just seem to happen.You can read something multiple times and things don't click in,its just words in a story Then suddenly bang its clear.I guess that's the joy of reading the Bible.Just when you think you've read and understand everything God brings a little more enlightenment and suddenly it all seems new again.You start reading just a little closer waiting for another lightening bolt. Isn't God just amazing?

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