Tuesday, March 10, 2009

100 years old.

One of our parishioners just turned 100 Sunday and what a happy healthy person she is.
In the 23 years I have worked in nursing homes I can honestly say I have only worked with several people who have made it to one hundred years of age.One of the gentlemen who was in the VFW with my father lived to be about 103 years old,he served in ww2 and was one of the oldest men to volunteer for the military,he also was very spry and very intelligent.
Not many people are able to live to be 100 and still be reasonably healthy and happy.
Most people I have talked to say they would love to live to be 100 if they could be healthy but most people do not realize that just because you live to be so old does not mean your spouse,children or friends will also have such good fortune.It seems you must be a very adaptable person to live to such an age.
Of the people I have know who have lived so long most of them are woman and most will tell you they led a very balanced life nothing in excess.They may smoke or drink but only once a day,they are not over weight and like to walk and they seem to have a happy out look about life not living in just the past but looking forward to what is going on in the future.
It always impresses me to think of all the changes these people have seen from the time they were children to this present day.Electricity,indoor plumbing, refrigerators and on and on.some things for the better some things for the worse.
Well happy birthday and long life Alexandra and many more years of good health because in the end that is what life is all about.

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