Saturday, March 7, 2009

retreat day

well today was my first retreat and I must say it was quite interesting and eventful.The topic was "Lent in the Family and Stillness"
We spent time talking about lent what it means to us and how we and our families try to observe it.we talked about stillness and how we need to achieve it slowly by 10 minute increments twice a day and how God had touched our lives,Always a very interesting subject.
We had a nice coffee hour then lunch and rest periods in between. Got to meet some new people and get closer to each other.Its amazing how inside we are all alike and how we each find comfort in each other.
After our retreat we attended vespers and our bishop showed up for his weekend at our church.
We had a beautiful day the weather was wonderful and during our retreat we got to see some very large birds flying by the trees on the side of the church,I'm so glad fr. had the windows replaced.

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