Monday, March 30, 2009

Change or Fear?

I am starting to hear a great deal of complaints from people who are afraid of the way the government is headed.Questions of whether or not what our government is doing is unconstitutional.Many are beginning to think they are.
This administration frightened me even before they got into office.Socialism is not were this country should be headed.It makes me even more nervous when the Republican party does not stand up and fight and the media won't publish our loss of rights.
We as a people are a united country, set up by men who lived under a king and understood that the government should not enter into our private lives.They do not have a right to stifle our speech and name call or make the average man feel stupid.What exactly does this group of governing people have in mind? Why are they trying to destroy our way of life?
Big government is not good but Big Brother is even worse and right now I sense that we are headed toward big brother ideology's.Not only does the government want to run our lives they want to run our businesses and finances.
Our government was set up with checks and balances so no part of the government would become more powerful then another.It seems like this administration is blurring these lines by taking over things like the census bureau.Why are the members of the house and senate allowing such things?Where is their out rage and where is ours?
We live in a country that when our politicians become messed up we have the right to take them to task.Did you know they work for us? They do and we have a right to say no more or your out come next election.
I live in Conn.and have not voted for Chris Dodd in twenty years.Why? because he's a long term senator who has taken enough from the government and needs to get a job.He's become fat and lazy and talks in circles.Its hard for me to know even who to complain to but I think I'll start by writing a letter to Sen.Joe Lieberman he is one of the few Representatives in this state who is somewhat honest and may not agree with me but at least will know where I stand.
Are you fed up with all this garbage and what the government is doing? Take some time to write some letters and let these people know they work for you not the other way around.Remember who we are as people and take a stand.Start a tea party in your state let them know you count. Use your vote to take them out of office,wake them up in Washington and in your state too.

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