Monday, March 16, 2009

Its a Beautiful Day

What a day although the sun did not come out much today the weather was warm and a great day to do things.The morning started out with going to the bank then home to call a friend to see how she was doing then off to clean my car.I only planned on washing the windows but before I knew it I was at the car wash vacuuming and having the car washed,then off to the local health food store to buy some essential oil no special reason just because I wanted some and ended up buying a small bottle of jasmine(now if I can figure out where I put the bottle that will be even better).
Then home to make my husband some home made soup for his cold and then did the dishes,which just seem to multiply.
Tonight my husband went to a church meeting so my son and I decided to go out to the 99 restaurant.They were playing Irish music,in honor of St.Patricks day which is tomorrow,we had supper,chocolate Irish cake with mousse and chocolate sauce and a large cup of Irish coffee a perfect ending to a lovely day.
To all those who are Irish:
"Erin go Borough" "Ireland Forever"

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