Sunday, March 29, 2009

ham shoot

Once again was another busy weekend that just flew by.It seems like when my days are busy they truly are busy.This weekend I worked,my hours are 7 to 3 but I never get out of work by 3.there are always last minute treatments,giving report,counting the narcotics and note writing.On a good day I can make it out by 3:20 but most days its more like 4pm.
Saturday was our churchs 3rd ham shoot and spaghetti supper.I left work at 4:15 ran to the bank for money,went home and sat for 20 minutes,changed clothes ran to the local VFW got some take out corned beef and cabbage from their supper,we try to support them when we can,then back home to put it away and off to the supper at the church.
When I got there my husband said "Hey look who made it" we walked over to where Laura and John were sitting to eat supper.What a nice surprise every one waited for me to come so we could all eat together,now there are some real friends I'm sure they were all hungry but they waited just for me.I have to tell you the three of them are just the sweetest.
Later we had a few beers and bought tickets for the ham shoot.Even though my luck was off the company and the popcorn was good and although it was a fun evening I was glad to get home and go to bed.6AM comes early if you don't get enough sleep...


Laura said...

Your husband was eagerly waiting at the door for you. Isn't that cute after all your not newly weds anymore. The evening was fun. It is less about the hams as we know, but being able to ham it up. And we did! Until next time.

linda said...

funny you never know how much you are loved by your spouse.we do tend to take things for granted