Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the long haul

Many years ago I had a friend, who I'll call Sandi.she was a very nice person but had this issue she always wanted the men she could not have in her life.If she was single she would go after guys who were not interested in her.She worked very hard on getting them then when she had them she would be unhappy and start looking for someone else.
She didn't really care if they were married or single and she didn't care if she was married or single.Last count I knew she was up to marriage 4 or 5 and had lived with multiple men in between.
In this whole mess she had a daughter,who is now in her 30s and in the military,who also lived this life style coming to know multiple men has her step fathers and mothers friends.
I was never really sure why she had this need for change always needing the challenge but never learning how to run a relationship.Never learning to stand by some one through the good and the bad times.
All things in life at some point become old.Marriage is difficult but the rewards over the long haul are well worth it.This constant need she had for the hunt and capture seemed more important to her then what to do with this new love of her life over the long run.
We all need to be loved,cared for and appreciated but we don't understand that love is a two way street and what we want is also something we need to be willing to give in return.Its not all about us and how happy we are and how everything feels good.True commitment requires patients and caring even through the stormy days.In the fall we plant bulbs in the ground they face the harsh weather of winter and their roots become strong then come spring the flowers bloom.In relationships with people we have our high and low points but walking away can in many times be the wrong move some times airing our grudges allows us to start anew just like the spring flowers we will also bloom again.

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