Saturday, March 14, 2009

making better food choices during lent

During the past few weeks of lent I have been trying to eat better then I normally do during the last few Lents.
I've been trying to keep the carbs down and when I do eat them I try to eat multi grains rather then white breads or pastas.
Dairy is the hardest thing for me to give up I crave cheese and ice cream allot so I try to substitute soy for milk but you have to find good soy products cause some can be pretty disgusting.I have found a very good soy yogurt put out by stony brook its all natural,creamy has fruit on the bottom and actually taste good.
Soy milk does not taste to bad if its cold,it comes in flavors and the best where taste is concerned is Eden soy.I use soy for my cereal,coffee and to replace milk when i cook,the only problem is some people are very allergic to soy so its not something you want to do for wed.evening meal,after the presanctified liturgy.
Since meat is off the list of can eats I eat allot of peanut butter which is quick and easy when your in a hurry but its really quite fattening so now I've gone to several handfuls of mixed raw nuts in the afternoon.Target has great big jars with screw tops containing six different kinds of mixed raw nuts which i keep in the fridge its great for a quick snack and some protein.
This time of year fish becomes more important but I have to watch the amount of tuna I consume by the end of last lent i could not stand the sight or smell of tuna for at least six months.Now i try to be more creative saving the fish for supper time rather then lunch.
I've tried to incorporate more fruit and raw vegetables in my lunch time meals and drinking more water and iced green tea.
Although fasting is not suppose to be about spending time worrying about food I have found that its easier for me to make better choices about what I put in my mouth if I have a game plan and if I'm going to fast why not try and do it in a healthy way instead of just throwing junk into my mouth and getting fatter.Lately when I go out at lunch time instead of stopping at fast food restaurants I stop at a small local grocery store and buy fruit,raw vegtables or soup rather then eating fat laden fish with tarter sauce on white bread loaded with calories.
Now if we can just get the weather to get warm and cooperate I'll be able to put my head phones on and take some nice meditative walks listening to some soothing music and stopping at St.Josephs catholic church,on my way home.Say a few prayers in this large candle lit church with the smell of burning bee's wax all around and just listen to the quite stillness of nothingness.
Quite meditation that's what lent is really about,the beauty and stillness of God presence how awesome.

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