Tuesday, March 3, 2009

designer babies

want a baby? how about a designer baby?
How tall do you want your child to be? what color eyes? how about hair color got a preference?
Well soon you may be able to design your child. Although the company working on this new gene technology says it will only be used to help parents with genetic disorders avoid having children with these diseases.A good thing I'll admit,but where does it stop?
Should we be picking how we want our children to be designed? chance is not good enough for us? Will we become gods not only being able to create but also design the children we want.My how Hitler would have loved this technology.
This all seems very wrong to me.The joy of having a child with your spouse is being able to look at this child as it grows and see your mothers eyes,your grandfathers height your spouses smile his grandmothers delicate hands.
We are a make up of all our past generations not just outward appearances but inward immunity strenghts and weaknesses.
For many generations we have been a species that as survived because of our fitness.The strong survive but the weak fall by the wayside. This is how we evolved.
who is to say that if we start playing with our genes we will like the out come.What if some thing is removed and we end up with worse diseases stronger more virulent just look what the over use of antibiotics as done to us.
I think if a disease like down syndrome can be avoided that is a good thing but what are the ramifications of just playing with genes and changing things we like or don't like.
I don't remember much of what I've read in Revelation but one thing i do remember is a passage that says something about the living envying the dead because they will wish they could die but will not be able to.Some times i think this may mean that we will have such great medicine we will never be able to die there will be new organs,body parts and designer babies we will live forever.
I'm told that our first sin was pride when the snake told Eve to eat of the apple she would be equal to God and she felt that because she could give life there was no reason she could not be a god.Don't think were above their mistakes because you may find out we're no smarter then they are just more prideful.


Laura said...

If there was an Eve in a garden, that is.

linda said...

you've been listening to fr. p.

Laura said...

I knew that sounded familiar, maybe he can comment on that.

Laura said...
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Stickhorsecowgirls said...

You have many good points. But I have to dissent where it comes to eliminating Downs Syndrome. Actually, I do not think it is a disease, but an abnormality. I work everyday with teenage Downs Syndrome kids and they are a delight! The world would be less without them.