Sunday, March 15, 2009

Respect and Authority

The end of my work day is usually my best time of day.Today as I was ending my med pass one of the aides said "I like working with you,your never on my case,you don't get upset and start ordering me around and you always say please and thank you for the things i do.Allot of nurse will yell or boss me around just because they want to not for any special reason, but you don't do that."
After some embarrassment I thanked her and explained that if she shows she cares about the patients,respects them,does her job the best she can and keeps her charges safe then I have no reason to push my authority on her.
In the bible Jesus talks about authority and how if you have it over others you need to be fair and treat others as you would want to be treated.
I was an aid for many years before I became a nurse it is one of the hardest jobs you can imagine both physically and emotionally and in order to be good at it you must be totally submissive to your patients needs because of this I understand how difficult a job it can be.
Aides do not get paid well,they do the grunt work are verbally and some times physically abused by the patients in their care and are told what to do by everyone.
Nursing homes get bad raps but when you have good nurses and aides you have good nursing homes because we are the front line.
Although I always fine compliments like this embarrassing it also makes me feel good because I know that open lines of communication between nurse and aides are important and a good rapore makes for a smooth working team.
Respect is important and the more authority you wheeled the more respect you need to give.I always tell the aides that their job is just as important as my job.We all hold different positions but we need to inter connect.If they do a good job,I do a good job and it goes all the way up the line.
Last year when we had our state survey done we took the number one position of all the nursing homes surveyed last year.So good team work pays off in the end.We need to remember were all in this together.The importance of respect and kindness can never be to under rated or to over estimated Were all human beings and we all need to feel what we do is important and appreciated.

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