Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shame,Shame on you!!!

If you get a chance read Fr.Peters' post entitle "Shame".It seems the American Orthodox Institute published a video of Archbishop Demetrius,of the Greek arch diocese, giving his support to President Obama and comparing him to Alexander The Great.Unfortunately the archbishop seems to have forgotten that he, as an Orthodox leader of his Archdiocese, has certain principles that the church believes in namely "right to life" from the womb to the tomb.
Our new President is very clear on the fact that all life is not sacred to him, abortion and fetal stem cell research are fine even when it means we help financially support other countries abortion issues.
The Archbishop in his need to appease and be liked as forgotten that leadership comes with a price and that it is not always a popular position to be in.Many of our hierarchy in the orthodox faith were not born or raised in this country most came from communism where pleasing the government meant keeping your church and yourself alive.
This is the United States of America here we are governed by the people and as such have constitutional freedoms namely the right to religion and free speech.The importance of being united means strength.
If we can not have our hierarchy understand that their job is to push forward the truth of the teachings of the church why are they leaders of the church?When Nancy Pelossi went to Rome she was told in no uncertain words by the Pope,that being Catholic means not supporting abortion.The church spoke now what she does with what she was told is up to her but at least the leader of the church said what needed to be said.
The reason I believe in Orthodoxy is because I believe in the teaching of Jesus Christ handed down to the apostles spread through the world through history to this day.
Although I am no saint and I hold certain personal beliefs I understand that the churches beliefs and mine may differ but the interpretations where made clear to me by my priest and the teaching of the church and as such need to be respected.
To Compare our president to Alexander The Great is not so flattering when you realize what he did had nothing to do with uniting people in freedom it had to do with building an empire.If you want to be complemented be compared to Abraham Lincoln,Martin Luther King Jr.or George Washington.These were leaders who tried to do for the good of the people and the nation not for the good of an Empire or a king.

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