Thursday, March 12, 2009

March on Hartford yesterday

In today's telegram and gazette on page 12 was the story of the thousands of people who showed up in Hartford wed. to protest the regulation of catholic parish boards and anti catholic bills.
The sponsors of the now withdrawn proposal,both catholic themselves,have received thousands of angry emails from across the country.
There was an estimated 3,500 people led by the archbishop of Hartford and the bishops of Bridgeport and Hartford to rally on the capital steps,demanding religious freedom.
The problem as been that an estimated 1.3 millon catholics in conn.have complained about the state legalizing civil unions for same sex couples,approving state funding for embryonic stem cell research and considering legalisation that bans discrimination against transgender people.
The catholics were also angered by a failed attempt in 2002 to require priest to report sexual abuse even if it was learned about during confession-if a child was in imminent danger.
The new bill would have changed a generation old law that sets out rules for religious corporations.
Under the new proposal each individual church's board would include 7 to 13 lay members,giving them the power to control parish finances with the archbishop or bishop of the diocese serving on the board but not being able to vote on issues.
Because of several cases of embezzlement by parish priest in Daren and Greenwich some parishioners asked Judiciary committee to raise a bill this session to require more lay people on these boards.
This bill as now been tabled with the Gov.Rell saying it was incorrect and unconstitutional to attempt this and she gives her disapproval about this whole situation, which she should have done earlier then tuesday.
So this is where we stand in my state. the important thing here is when your rights are threatened stand up the best way you can write a letter,send an email,make a phone call or go out and protest and just say no.If not you will have no rights and no religion and we are,according to our constitution, given these freedoms by God himself.But becareful because these rights can be taken away by man if we allow ourselves to become complacent.

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