Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Right Choice

Have you every had a time when you can feel "the call".When you know your on the right track and you have no doubt in your mind the direction is correct.
Most of our lives are spent looking for the right choices.The right job,the right spouse,the right friends the right church.
We walk through cloudy shadows and hope what we pick is "right" for us.
Sometimes we trust that fate will lead us where we need to be and sometimes conscious decisions need to be made and the best out come hoped for.
Right and wrong have never been a real problem for me.Once I know in my heart of hearts that the right choice is picked I can,like Tom Petty's song says "stand my ground and I wont back down."
Even when I was a child I never had a need to do as my friends did.If it seemed wrong to me no amount of begging from them would sway my opinion,even if it meant losing them as friends.
Being true to myself because I have to live with me,is always my best options.I can always feel proud of who I am and sleep at night knowing what I did was the way to go.
Although prayer has always helped me make the choices that seem correct I,like Moses,sometimes need a burning bush in my face because whispers don't seem to work for me.God every present small voice can be to soft for me to distinguish from the rest of the noise around me.
Many of my answers to issues come from things I've read,people I've spoke to and every once in awhile TV. or radio.They just seem to jump out at me like a bright light.
I have found that things in the end seem to work out even if the path seems dark.If My inner feelings are calm then my direction is correct even if the trip to get there is hidden by the trees.


Laura said...

Seems like we have commonalities when it comes to standing up for doing the right thing, no matter what.

linda said...

scary isn't it...linda