Monday, April 12, 2010


Yesterday at the end of my shift I started to write up my nurses notes when suddenly it struck me "today is April 11Th Oh My Goodness I have only 4 more days to do my taxes and mail them in".
Now I must tell you I am not opposed to paying my fair share but I am opposed to filing three separate forms,one federal and 2 state.Why you ask all these forms?First I work in Mass.then I reside in Conn. and thirdly I am a citizen of the good old USA.
My federal taxes are pretty easy compared to my Connecticut state form.Every year I dread this form.It is to complicated and although I send them my W-2 form to prove I have worked in Mass. I now also have to furnish them a completed copy of my form.
Now I'm sure you say to your self why don't you just move to the great state of Massachusetts and save your self some paper work and kill a few less trees?
See my husband is a landlord and owns property in Connecticut and we don't even want to talk about how complicated that whole issue would be if we were to move.
Well you say why don't you just work in Connecticut? I like the idea but Mass.has more job opportunities then Conn.does and besides I work 10 minutes away from my home which is great in the winter on the days I have to drive through the snow.So at present until I come across a career opportunity worth jumping at I still have to file a Mass. and Connecticut form.
My whole answer to this mess is that the federal and state government should take a certain percentage of my pay every week and just keep it.All this playing around with dependants and tax write offs is just foolishness and set up for the rich anyways.
Render onto Caesar I say and let me move on with my life.
Now I know there are plenty of people,Lawyers,tax preparers and such,who would disagree with this notion and what would become of all those poor IRS employees whose job it is to process forms thus taking and giving money to we the people.
What would become of all these poor people left unemployed? That I can't answer but I've been to Washington D.C. and the Dept.of Agriculture is a pretty sizable building they could probably absorb a few of the displaced there and not even realize it.
All I know is make my life easier folks and go with a percentage tax then I and many like me,can enjoy April 15Th instead of dreading crunch time.

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