Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

And on the third day he arose from the dead...

Today is Good Friday the day Jesus took our sins onto himself and bore them to the cross were he died for our unworthy sake.
The apostles were in fear their leader had been crucified and was now dead.What were they to do? How could they possible go on? What about them? would they too be arrested and killed?
How frightened they must have been.How little faith they had left.It was not suppose to end this way.Wasn't this Jesus Christ the Messiah the Jews had talked about for generations? Wasn't he to be the great military leader striking down the Roman world and raising up the Jewish faith,the chosen people?
What was it he said.. in a little while you will not see me,and again a little while you will see me again because I go to the father.What did he mean by this? Speak clearly.. we do not know what he is saying...In a little confuse us..
Sold for thirty pieces of silver to the Jewish leaders by a friend,denied three times by a chosen one,who he affectionately called the Rock,born false witness against by his own religious leaders,sentenced by a Roman Governor, mocked,beaten,whipped and nailed to a cross by Roman guards who divided his clothes for gaming wins.
What now? does the story end here on a hill surrounded by thieves and murderers?
Does the body placed in an new tomb mean the final end for a man these apostles thought would save them?
Was the slaughter of this perfect pure first born lamb really necessary to full fill something to great to comprehend even by his close and chosen disciples?
Luckily we as Christians know the ending,unfortunately the disciples did not.They feared for their lives but little did they know at that time how great a mission they had left to accomplish.Little did they know that in the year 2010 their witness would bear the grace that would save you and I.
Come Easter Sunday a new and bright dawning is coming.Jesus will rise from the dead and his apostles will know the rest of the story and bear witness to us so we in turn can witness to future generations.
All this because this simple God/man called Jesus died today Good Friday to a lost world only to be raised up to a new dawning.A new testament.

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