Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Simple Living

The thing about living in this imperfect world is that we are always having our lives and values chipped away at.
We may think we are in control of our destiny but soon find we are not.
As Christians we are called to be certain types of people.To give when needed,love when we are unloved and forgive when we really don't want to.
The world sees us as crazy people who are more concerned about trying to live simply with no excess while everyone around us tries to mass accumulate all the materialism of the commercial market.
We are to chose the simple uncomplicated lives.We do not need excessively large McHouses or multiple closets to store our unused clothes.
We are to be simple or at least try to go in that direction.
Being an American is suppose to mean more things then we need because we want them not because we need them.
We have a hard time in this country to understand the difference between a want and a need.We think we need everything we want,we do not.
My husband and I live in a small home,have few closets,one t.v. and older vehicles,which we plan to own until they are unusable.
Most of the things we own we use and those we do not use we try to give to those who need them.
We dine at restaurants we can afford and eat home made meals which are tastie and although good quality,are not excessively expensive.
Our mortgage is small and easy to pay our car payments are none.We admire the beauty of those who can afford the grand things in life but also understand that we are not all meant to live such lifestyles.
In my life I want nothing that I can not pay off in several months and bigger does not mean better.
We enjoy being able to take off in our car for trips and not have to worry how we are going to pay for them.
We have friends whom we enjoy doing simple things with,like walking on a beach or attending plays and when Vic and I are together we can think of nothing nicer then taking a walk in the woods and admiring the views of the forest or lake,even,should I say,having an old fashioned picnic.
God gave us the simple things in life to help us realize how lucky we are.Admiring the ducks on a lake or watching sail boats go by can be a very nice time indeed.
Many would find such things boring especially in this age of amuse me all the time with electronic gadgets,but in my mind you lose something from life when you have to be constantly "plugged in"
Back in the days when I was growing up we spent a great deal of our time outside playing with our friends and on weekends going out as a family to a park to walk or a lake to swim.
I can remember on warm spring evenings siting outside with my parents having a bar- be-Que and talking with each other watching the cars drive by our house.
I think people have become very poor in the skills of being sociable with each other.Many people live in the same large house and probably do not say more then a few words to each other.Why I know someone who text messages her kids,in the same house because she doesn't want to walk to her kids rooms to ask them things face to face.
I guess I'm just from a wrong generation and maybe its a dying one but you know I still enjoy the company of a friend face to face rather then on a telephone and their is nothing better then laughing with a real person sitting next to me.

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