Friday, April 16, 2010

May 6th National Day of Prayer -- Stand Up!

Did you know that May 6,2010 is the National Day of Prayer and has been since 1952?
Did you also know that a judge deemed it to be unconstitutional due to its Religious bias and of course separation of church and state?
When I was a young teenager in high school it was said that telling a student that they could have a moment of silence so they could pray was unconstitutional because it might offended a student who may not be of a religious denomination.
No one did anything at the time about standing up for their rights to religion,every adult complained about how terrible this was to our students,how could the government do this? Then every one just shrugged their shoulders and walked away.
O.K. well here we are again and now I am no longer a high school student following the rules and doing what I'm told.Now I'm a grown adult and am insulted by this whole thing.
You know people can complain about losing their religious rights but where are all the people standing up and saying "This is wrong!"
I am embarrassed to say that I never even knew about this day of prayer up until last year.Why? because at no time when I attended any church had I ever been told "May 6th is a national day of prayer come to the church spend a few minutes and pray with us."
I always get my fur up when things like this happen.Where are all the religious leaders getting outraged and saying "Lets do something on this day".
May 6th is around the corner.I have not decided what I will do but something needs to be done.
I couldn't stop no prayer in the school but I can stop this insult.Do we just sit back and take it! because if your willing to do nothing then don't cry on my shoulder about how you rights as a religious person are being taken away.
As far as I'm concerned to say and do nothing isn't having your rights taken away its giving them up with out a fight and you deserve what you get!

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